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Who says I want to be married to a campus dude? - Thoughts and Stuff

Who says I want to be married to a campus dude?


So you won’t marry a campus chiq, huh? But did you pause to think, even for a moment, that maybe I do not want to be married to a campus dude? You are not the only one with a choice to make, you know?

The other day there was outrage from my fellow campus ladies who could not understand why a man would not want to marry them. I have good news for you sisters; there are plenty more fish in the sea and that sea is much bigger than Moi University. No one should make you think you do not have a choice.

Just like campus men do not like some traits in campus ladies, the same case applies to the ‘chiqs’. Picture this: a dude strolls into a lecture room, slippers on his feet and a 48-page exercise book rolled into a cylindrical shape sticking out of the back pocket of his pants. In addition, the pants look like they only came into contact with water during last evening’s hailstorm. The hair is another story altogether because it is neither afro nor dreadlocks but a scary merge of the two hairstyles. Who wants to get married to a man like that? Can I see hands in the air?

The other kind of campus dude thinks that campus chiqs are all about the money. Show me some cash and I am yours. Frankly, if I wanted you for your cash, I could have simply sat at home and waited for you to complete your pursuance of a degree while you kept sending me some dough via M-Pesa. Otherwise I do not see the point of me being in campus with you. I am pretty sure you get your money from your parents. It’s either that, or HELB. Even if you make your own money, it’s hardly enough to sustain the two of us right now. Get over yourself.

So they say that campus chiqs are immoral and have been known to spread diseases around. I, for one, am not an expert in this field since I tend to keep locked up in my safe cocoon. Indeed I am against all kinds of sexual immorality. All the same, I will ask a simple question; where are the men in the sexual immorality equation? Who are the campus chiqs sleeping around with? A campus dude should be the last person to cast a stone, considering the time he dedicates to getting girls into his bed.

In fact, the only true reason a man will say he will not marry a campus chiq is because he has a place for her; she is for the fun. He has used her enough to know that she is not worth marriage in the future. Who wants to be married to a dude who only wants the fun derived from the here and now? Why should you even let a man relegate you to a pleasure object?

The other reason that no campus man will openly declare is the intellect factor. Apparently, a campus dude feels intimidated by a woman who portrays a higher intellectual capability than himself. That’s why he will talk of his desire to marry a girl from the village (I would love to see the look on his face when he discovers that those girls go to other campuses too. This is the 21st century!). Why settle for a man who wants to marry someone who is intellectually weaker than himself? I know I won’t.

There, I have said it. I will not be married to a campus dude. Or maybe I should say I will not marry a campus dude but that will just ruffle a lot more feathers. This is clearly not my intention. I am making a case for the women out there. We too, have a voice.

It had to be diamond 
 (Photo credit: self.com)

When it’s all said and done, we will all marry amongst each other. You know why? Campus refines you into a better person. So that campus dude with the dirty jeans will get a wife to clean them for him. I will not be married to a campus dude because he will no longer be a campus dude in 2017.

As you were.

6 thoughts on “Who says I want to be married to a campus dude?

  1. hahaha i like that last part, you wont get married to a campus dude because by the time you get married,he wont be a campus dude anymore lol.2017 Wow!! Thats pretty ambitious but then again biological clock isnt really gonna stop so its better to plan ahead 🙂

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