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Appreciate now, not later - Thoughts and Stuff

Appreciate now, not later


Today I will be brief.

I spent a day with students who were paying tribute to a teacher they loved. A teacher who inspired them to be better. They talked of how he made them believe in themselves and how much they miss him.

The beauty of it is that he heard it all. He is alive and well. He laughed with them, posed for photos with them, ate with them and talked to them.

They miss him because he left for another school.

Today, I watched a community give speeches about a person they love while he listened. That was a break from the usual speeches when the person you are praising cannot hear you. Appreciate someone while they are still alive today.

By the way, the person they were appreciating is my dad. My dad will always go to a place and leave a mark. And it is not a show, that is who he is. I am living proof that he is a great dad. (Sometimes I think that is why I have very high standards set for my future husband. That is a story for another day.)

I realized that dad is a father to so many other people. He inspires me to be better always. I love him.

It also happens that this coincides with Father’s Day. I know someone will go like ‘Father’s day should be everyday, Carol!’ but this day could be one to help you appreciate your father if you have not recently.

Just in case you are wondering, I will show dad this post (even though he has no idea what a blog is).

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