What’s up with my WhatsApp?


First things first, nothing is up with my WhatsApp. I don’t have WhatsApp. I had it, but I don’t anymore. No, my phone did not fall into water or get stolen. My trusty phone is intact despite all the times it slipped from my tiny grip.

In short, I deleted my WhatsApp. Why? Because I wanted to. In fact, I needed to. A number of factors led me to this decision. I tend to have a sentimental attachment to any form of information delivered on my phone so you can imagine how hard it was to delete all those interesting conversations that had accumulated in my little Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

For one, men had finally found a way to get my number the easy way. No, let me put it this way; I was giving my number away too easily. Maybe it’s because I feel that WhatsApp is like any other social network. Only difference is that it needs you to have your friend’s number. What’s the harm in that? That aside, I have quashed a vulnerability. He has no excuse to ask for my number if it is not to call me. I can simply say I do not have WhatsApp and move on. No more dishing out my number to tweeps like I am another Shiku I don’t know. (By the way, I wonder how a dude can delude himself into imagining that a girl will take him seriously when he makes his intentions known solely via an app. Seriously? Do you think your dad won your mum’s heart through some scribbled shorthand?)

Secondly, I would keep falling out with friends that had grown close to me in the past couple of months. I attribute this to talking too frequently on that little app. Frankly, I could ‘talk’ with someone for an entire day and continue the next day. We would argue at some point and get really mad at each other. Eventually, it really got to me. WhatsApp was making me do things that I was not accustomed to. It makes it so easy to send multimedia to friends across the globe. Somewhere in the middle of that frenzy to send pictures of yourself, your food, your dog and practically anything and everything you own and see, you will find yourself sending something that will make either party mad. I couldn’t handle it anymore. Let’s just say I am still adapting to the information age.

Back in the day, 2008 to be precise, it was so hard for me to upload a photo on Facebook, leave alone send a multimedia text to anyone. I remember my first profile picture was Juniper Lee (Google to the rescue!). That is all I could put up because I neither owned a high-end phone with a camera nor did I own a USB cable. I did not even have a picture of myself on the Internet. When I finally put up a photo of myself, it was months down the line and I used my BFF’s phone. Nimetoka mbali!

Now you know why you do not see me on WhatsApp. I took a break. I tend to run away from situations. If I feel I am pissing you off a lot, I will back off. Maybe in that time, I will grow up a little to handle myself in a better way. In the meantime, you will also forgive me for whatever wrong I did.

WhatsApp (Photo credit: abulhussain)
That’s what’s up with my WhatsApp.

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