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Guys Lie - Thoughts and Stuff

Guys Lie


Guys lie,
Guys lie all the time.
Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right.
Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s false.
Right and true, wrong and false,
Totally different.
I could be either, or.

Maybe it’s the guys I interact with.
Maybe I am just prone to they that lie.
Eventually, I always discover that he was lying.
It never ends well.
A lie might get you somewhere
But it will not keep you there.
It might even get you me,
But I will leave when I discover it was all a lie.

Yes, I will cry.
I will ask why.
A part of me might even die.
But in the end, I will sigh
And hope that one day, I will find a guy
Who does not lie.

I couldn’t care less about poetry. This was the one time I tried, on a lonely day in my first year in university, with the usual inspiration, men. It was published somewhere else. You weekly dose of unpublished posts continues...

Guys Lie

10 thoughts on “Guys Lie

      1. To be fair, women also lie but we don’t read too much into it. Only that women are good at it and men are poor at lying we get caught soon enough

  1. I won’t lie that is a nice try…the rhyme in lie,sigh and die…point we all lie but should seek forgiveness before we die…with that said Shiks its .. bye 😉

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