A Flicker of Inspiration


Inspiration. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Why? Because I have been quite happy the past few weeks. I got used to the status quo. I got used to my commute, my job, my everything.

Our dog delivered pups the other day, they all died. Female is too old for these things. She can’t even take care of her young ones. Sigh. Broke my heart a little.

I worked on Friday night, cool experience. Loved most of it. Ended up in a bar. Story for another day. No, I am still a good girl. 🙂

Valentine’s Day was sweet. Watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. His treat. Awesome. Especially Mr. Valentine’s lisp. Hilarious.

Still, inspiration. Nil.

Sunday sermon, from Isaiah. Did not feel inspired enough. It was your basic Joel Osteen like pep-talk. I have a hard time stomaching that nowadays. It’s probably just me.

I cut my hair farther. My plan to have completely short hair is working out quite nicely. Let’s see if it backfires.

I got another cat. Pretty. Playful. It’s staring at the moving things on the screen right now. Never had a cat that did that before. I like her already. She will be a good writer in future. You can see her other antics here. Her previous owner babied her. She had a name for crying out loud. I will try to do so here but at the Ngigi’s, you pretty much have to figure out how to fend for yourself after a few days. we actually lost the other one because we locked her outside when we all went to work. Plus you do not get a name. If you are a cat, you are puss. If you are a dog, you basically answer to whistles. Simple. 😀

Kitty cat
Yeah, that’s her right now.

Then it happened. Yesterday. I’m seated on a toilet seat. I am feeling I cannot do this any more. I do not like it when people transport their own stresses from wherever and bring to where I am at. I just sat there. Sat on a toilet seat and wished I was somewhere else. After a while, I was back to my usual spot, because I feel guilty after spending even a minute doing something other than what I should be doing. Probably why you do not see me blogging much of late, aside from the inspiration factor.

Anywho, I tend to do what I am told all the time, unless a certain threshold is surpassed. Then I start having second thoughts. There is also a limit to how many times the threshold can be crossed. Meanwhile, it is well with my soul. I guess it was just a typical Monday. Also, I learnt that I should speak out more. Man, sometimes I let people walk all over me in the name of being a good girl.

Today, I was reminded of a birthday. The birthday of BuildingKE. If you frequent this blog, you know Barrack. BuildingKE is mostly his work, I just do the behind-the-curtains cleanup. I don’t know much about real estate anyway. If you are interested in all things real estate and construction in Kenya, you want to make that your regular stop. I promise you will not be disappointed. It has taught me that all you need to get a passion of yours off the ground is just willpower. The rest are details. Even when you are trying a side hustle out and it does not fly, that’s not the end of it. Worst thing that can happen is that you learn a lesson from it. Like how some people take weeks to reply to emails, even when they are supposed to be an institution advocating ICT use. I read about this app that lets you know when someone reads your email and pretends not to have done so. I will look for it one of these days, when my desk is not so full.

I hope you are having a lovely week y’all! Maybe something else will happen to get my creative juices running. In the meantime, keep smiling. 🙂

PS: Neither my Shareaholic nor Jetpack share buttons will work right since we moved to WordPress 4.1. Sucks. I will find a solution soon.

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