I had a whole avalanche of posts lined up. Then Stephen King happened. And whoever wrote and produced Fortitude, Dig and Scent of a Woman. Mind you I have never even read a Stephen King book. But Mr Mercedes was the best thriller in the Goodreads books of the year 2014. I couldn’t resist it, especially after asking for it and kinda hoping TBC didn’t have it but it was right there. I couldn’t leave it behind.

Suffice to say, Stephen King is just messed up.

You take the painkillers and they simply don’t work. Not in the least. You get that headache again on a Friday night and you just get mad at the world. You don’t finish your supper and just shut everyone out and go to bed. To struggle to sleep. You decide to not move out of the house the next day. To stay put. To iron all the clothes that have piled up over the month and just chill out. Your hair’s a mess. The growth is just annoying. Maybe that’s why your head is aching. That growth is always painful anyways.

So I ran out of bundles from sending too many Bitmoji to someone when I left the office. (Yes, B, that’s what they were. Google that. Don’t know if there’s an app for that for Windows phones. Muhahahahahahahaha! Is there any app for anything for Windows phones anyway?)

Anyhuuuuu, (I’ll be using this word now that Biko hated on it. You know how I’m always trying too hard to be a rebel? Yep.)

I thought I’d share this interesting discovery. Thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature where it digs up your memories from the past on any day, I have discovered that I can be extraordinarily creative between May 20th and 28th. For real. Sample this:

On May 24 2012, I wrote the first post that I considered to hit popular status back then, Dear [name withheld].

On May 20 2013, I wrote that breakout post that was published without my consent on Nairobi Wire and the likes, Five Couple You Will Meet in Campus. A week later, on May 27 2013, I wrote Six Guys You’ll Meet in a Ladies’ Hostel, perched on my study table looking out the window. These two I did mostly motivated by Moi University’s Press Club, The 3rd Eye, where I really found myself.

One year later, on May 28 2014, I wrote another breakout post, When Being Single Was Awesome, which went on to be the most popular post to this day on this blog.

Interesting right? So what was I doing between those dates this year? Well, my creative juices went elsewhere, way before I even discovered this May pattern of mine.

Introducing InKikuyu.com. Very much a work in progress right now. Watch that space.

Thank you for always reading. 🙂

Happy June!Time


I loved that series. Early Edition. Anyway, here is the thing, my writing is too erratic for anyone’s liking. For that reason, and to reduce the number of times I apologize for not writing consistently in 2015, I will be writing this weekly piece just to make sure the blog does not grow cobwebs. No one likes to walk through cobwebs, at least I don’t. Here goes:

Hello people. I am sorry. I am sorry for not writing. We good? No? Okay, here is the thing. I should have written like four posts by the time January came to its middle. I didn’t. Why? 1. I am getting used to a lot of new things between my 9-5. They include matatus whose parts are held together by chomelea and God-knows-what. Those are like two whole blogposts for another day. Or three. Or four, depending on how sensational I am willing to get.

It’s December! It’s December! *Runs around screaming like crazy.*

Okay. Shiku is calm now. Why is she excited? December baby. She turns 25 on December 29th. 25!

What happens when you turn 25? Sounds like an age with lots of responsibilities and expectations. We’ll see how she handles that.

I wake up fully at 10:00. It is a Saturday and it is not my wedding day, so I do not see why I should have woken up earlier. Mum dropped by the room and left instructions before this. Someone had tried to wake me up with a text at 08:43 and I told him to try harder. Someone else tried waking me up with a call at 08:47. She laughed hard when she realized I was in bed. Do not call me before 10:00 on any Saturday from now on. Thanks. The only reason I get out of bed is because mum calls at 10:02 and asks if we are up (and that I am to water the cabbages in the garden since she has noticed they were dying lol). Also, Claire finally stirs in the other bed. I cannot let the eight-year-old roam the house alone.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a start-up is “a newly established business”. Okay. But why is it that we don’t call all new businesses start-ups? Or do we? Is it even a startup or start-up? Microsoft Word 2013 thinks it’s the latter and so I agree. What I am trying to say is, the term start-up applies to more than just the tech companies by young individuals you read about every day. However, this post applies to such start-ups but in the developing world. You know you are working at a Kenyan start-up when: